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Wedding Embrace

Wedding Pricing

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How Much Do You Charge? 

While we don’t believe that this is the most important question you should ask your DJ, we do completely understand why it’s the #1 question we hear from brides. You have a set budget for every vendor and you need to know if their services are in your price range or if you’re just wasting your time.

Unfortunately for you, this question is constantly sidestepped by many mobile DJs. They give you the old “Well it depends on what all you want. We customize each package to fit your needs… Blah Blah Blah.” They do this to try to talk you into a “Free” Consultation where they can feel you out and charge you whatever they think they can get away with or pressure you into

So we decided to be different and offer Transparent Pricing! No tricks or inconsistent pricing - just 3 simple packages.

If you are looking for pricing for any other type of event please click here.

***Please note that all packages include DJ Service for the entire night. We would never dream of booking more than one wedding in a night so you have us as long as the reception lasts***

Just the Music

Set Up, Take Down, DJ and Emcee Services for the Night - $999

2. Music and Illumination:

Everything from above plus 2 Uplights, Dance Floor Lighting, Stock Gobo Light - $1,199

3. The Tilt Back and Wow Experience:

Everything from above plus 4 more Wireless LED Uplights (6 Total) and Custom Dance Floor Gobo Light. All of this combined creates a gorgeous effect and when people arrive at the venue, they will "tilt back" as their eyes open wider to take in the beauty and all that left is to say is WOW! - $1,499 We are willing to mix and match if you would like to build a custom package and we also reserve the right to add a travel charge for any event over an hour outside of Kansas City.

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